“They’re gonna be convicted! Ike Ekweremadu and his wife are gonna be convicted!” I hear and read a whole lotta folks say and write and insinuate.

Need I remind all and sundry that this whole drama is playing out in a truly democratic, civilized society.

As such, the duo is innocent until proven otherwise: guilty.

For certain, we don’t have all the facts. So, nobody knows how it’s all gonna go.

The Ekweremadus, David Nwamini

To say the husband and wife are gonna be convicted in the British court (at this juncture) is as premature as it is prejudicial.

Yes, we may not like how politicians like Ekweremadu crap all over us in Nigeria, let’s not forget that someone’s life is at stake here.

For the sake of the humanity in us, let’s pray these episodes do not culminate in double tragedy for the family involved.


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