The 2023 presidential election will be the foretold watershed in our march towards nationhood. We either get it right and live together in prosperity or get it wrong and burst.  

The old Eastern Region presented the best candidates in both the PDP and the APC in terms of winability and solid developmental antecedents. 

Both Nyesom Wike and Chibuike Amaechi were ahead of the pack, yet they were betrayed just a few hours to manifestations.

The reason: geography and nothing more.

Peter Obi

God, being forever faithful, threw up a game-changer in Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party. Profoundly, he is running on a pan-Nigerian agenda. He is far more pro-Nigeria than Atiku and Tinubu put together. Beyond his pan Nigerian credentials, he is the most qualified in all ramifications. He is imbued with the basic ingredients of integrity, trust, astuteness and known for equity. 

The opposition parties are working hard to present him as an ethnic candidate. 


He is a proud Igbo man from the old Eastern Region and a firm believer in One Nigeria and level playing field for all citizens. He understands the modern governance tools and will not look back in deploying same for the benefit of the teeming Nigerian youth.

Do not be dismayed by the antics of the opposition. Some of them have accused me of supporting Obi because he is Igbo. 


I supported Obasanjo, Yar”Adua, Babangida and Atiku against Jonathan, Buhari against Jonathan and finally, supported Atiku again. 

This is the first time I am supporting a candidate from my tribe, yet some accuse me of tribal bias. 

Meanwhile, they have never supported a candidate outside their tribes. 

To the glory of God, I am supporting a thoroughbred Nigerian, economic guru and development expert. 

On the presidency of Peter Obi shall the reborn of Nigeria be hinged.


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