My good people of Abia State, here is a very coded hotel bought with over 1.2 billion naira of Abia State resources at Osborne Foreshore Estate 1 in Ikoyi, Lagos State. 

This hotel was bought by two persons – Mr. Raymond Aliga and Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu although, the hotel, as at today, is fully under Raymond Aliga’s control. 

For verification and confirmation, the name of this hotel is ARISE SUITES. Abians in Ikoyi can go to Plot 2, Block 12, Ogun Street, Osborne Foreshore Estate 1, Ikoyi, Lagos State, and verify for themselves. Just like Peter Obi, I would always tell you to go and verify.

I do not have any worry about a public servant acquiring a property for himself, I only get offended when he does so without a human heart.

This property worth, over 1.2 billion naira, was bought at a time our aged pensioners were dying of starvation due to nonpayment of their pensions and gratuities. It was bought at the peak of hunger and youth restiveness in Abia State, occasioned by unemployment.

This property was bought with Abia’s 1.2 billion naira in another man’s state. The exorbitant amount used in acquiring this property in Ikoyi would have gone a long way in establishing, at least, a 2,000-capacity commercial establishment in Abia that can comfortably employ Abia youth and make them become self-reliant without depending on politicians to put food on the table.

I feel so sad and heartbroken carrying out my investigations and discovering things like this almost everyday.

As at today, I have unearthed more than 50 properties like this bought by Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu and his cronies outside Abia State with Abia State funds while our people are languishing in penury. 

There are properties in Uyo, Abuja, Lagos, etc. belonging to them that I have been investigating. I am done investigating those of them in Uyo. I will be publishing them as we proceed and also name the owners. 

Henceforth, I will be unearthing these properties and their owners for Abians to know. I will major my revelations this time around on those appointees and friends of the governor who have made so much money from public funds that the state is now bleeding profusely.

Someone should help me tell Mr. Iyke Aaron, who’s popularly known as Nwalor, that I am coming. This man has a lot to explain to us. As a civil servant, we know how much his salary is. He will have to explain to us how he got some of the properties I’ve traced to him when I open his chapter soonest. 

Someone should help me tell Amb. Iheoma Timothy, who’s known as Popular, that I am coming.

Someone should help me inform Her Excellency, Deaconess Nkechi Ikpeazu, that my investigations show that she’s also involved in this primitive accumulation of wealth, even as a child of God she has always called herself.  I am coming, Her Excellency.

Someone should help me tell Abia first son, Jamike Ikpeazu, that I have traced a fusion of lounge, restaurant, sports bar and club, all in one place at The Lake Square Plaza, Jabi, Abuja, to his name and his personal assistant.  He would be providing Abians with the information of the job he’s done to make such money once I bring my findings to the public domain. I am coming.

Someone should help me tell Mr. Agbazuere that I have the documents of the house where his two daughters live at Gwarinpa, 3rd Avenue, also bought with Abia State resources. I am coming too, Oweh.

Every Abian, big or small, can now see the wickedness of men. 

While Abians are crying and suffering, these guys were very much busy feasting on their resources and squandering same on choice properties. 

If my mission on earth would be to stop this impunity and brazen criminality in Abia State and deliver Abians from the shackles of these people, if I die today opening the eyes of Abians to the truth, then I will die a happy man. 


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