Class? Check! Excellence? Check! Competence? Check! Carriage? Check! Resourcefulness and topnotch human relations? Check!

These are some of the characteristics that set Engr. Enyinnaya Chima Nwafor miles ahead of other visible candidates for governorship in Abia State.

Nwafor (or Nana as he’s fondly called) is the gubernatorial flag-bearer of the Young Progressives Party – YPP – in Abia State.

If there is anything like approval at first sight, you will give it to him at your first meeting with him. You cannot but appreciate the infectious smile, the pious disposition, the antennae of friendliness and the alluring fragrance of a successful businessman. 

You will behold the phenomenal Nana.

Enyinnaya Chima Nwafor

Nana’s entrant into the Abia political terrain is significant in two ways. 

The first is that, we hardly find people aspiring to public office show thorough understanding of the fundamental issues mitigating progress, the indices that account for the progress made thus far or a detailed introspective analyses of how to navigate through the future. 

Secondly, it is uncommon to have a candidate so independent minded, confident and bold to look up only to the PEOPLE as the authentic givers of power. 

Nwafor greets a mammoth crowd that gathered for him

In 2023, Nana will be heads above the rest for being that Abian whose unwavering belief in a prosperous Abia inspired him to site nearly all his businesses and business interests in Abia State. If these businesses employing more than 1,200 Abians do not serve as valid collateral, then the monumental direct and indirect wealth created by these concerns will surely speak for him. 

There may not be a more valid way of demonstrating faith in the Abia Project than siting huge construction, mining and manufacturing industries for Abians to benefit from. 

Abians will be experiencing firsthand a human relationship expert whose choice of team members will be based purely on competence, capability and resourcefulness. 

Nwafor addresses a crowd

Sitting on the board of several blue chip companies as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Nana knows that primordial sentiments and ethnic considerations hardly come close when the business must be done with excellent results in mind. The phenomenal Nana will entrench competence with zero tolerance for excuses. 

From education, health, agriculture, infrastructure revolution to MSMEs, housing, rural development, science /technological innovations and sports, we will have a government that will secure lives and businesses with relative ease. 

These critical areas will receive tailor-made attention because Nana understands the dynamics of research and planning, which will mean, to every component unit, needs based on assessment. 

Nwafor is YPP’s gubernatorial flag-bearer in Abia State

Engr. Nwafor is phenomenal not because he is young. He is phenomenal because he has functional faculties, is self-directed and knows how to deploy his wealth of experience, education and sense of enterprise to reinvent, reengineer and rebuild. 


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